Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trash to Treasure

To say life has been crazy would be an understatement. My little one Audrey cut two teeth in the last two weeks, went from sleeping just fine to not at all! She started crawling, sitting up and learned to pull herself up to a standing position. She is mobile to say the least. Meanwhile I have to hold my eyes open with toothpicks from the sleep deprivation.

A moma has to stay sane in between the lack of sleep, showers and personal space; So I crafted:))))))
I have a gem to show you. One night my hubby went out to get us dinner at a late hour ( I won't share how late just in case I have the healthy eaters reading) and he spots this table. He comes inside and asks
"do you want another piece of junk?" I looked at him with questioning eyes, knowing he would only ask if he really had a treasure. I tried to hide my excitement and shrugged my shoulders and said "Ya".  He proceeds to go out to our back alley and in he brings me this:


Okay so I know your thinking it is a piece of junk. I however see nothing but potential:) All she needed was a little love and kindness and she could be restored to her beauty. Kinda like us if you know what I mean. So I went to the stores to pick up all my supplies and started peeling back the layers she had of tagging from our local artists in the alley. They really do waste their talent. I pulled out the busted drawers and sanded her down to bare bones. After a few hours of prep, she was ready. Are you ready to see her?????

Here she is:

I lately have had an addiction to Pintrest (which you can now follow me at) and loved this color I chose. I than decided to distress her and glaze her with a coffee stain glaze (thanks Martha Stewart).
I think the end result is lovely. I am taking her to a craft booth I have this weekend. If she doesn't sell I will be making her into a bench with a chic fabric top. She is up for sale for $75 as is. When I put the fabric on she will be $125.

Hope you had fun reading my adventures~

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Laura Unrefined said...

Nicely done Trish! It's really cute now. I love that you could see the potential in it. :)