Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coral Coral Coral

 Have you ever found yourself loving one color for a season and almost everything you do has that color in it. For the longest time it was Red for me, than Aqua and now CORAL.

I decided with the new move to the new house ( which by the way is totally God hooking us up, I still pinch myself daily) that I would re-do my bedroom. I can't seem to stick with a style for longer than a year. A year is really pushing it but whats a girl to do.

I scored these awesome night stands for FREE and of course couldn't wait to bust out the milk paint and paint them, your guessed it, Coral! Now Aprill would testify that my painting skills are.... Well... Not the greatest but with milk paint, it makes me look like a GENIUS. Really I am not:)

Anywho, normally you would have to sand a piece of furniture because of the lacquer that is on it to make sure the paint sticks BUT with milk paint it requires NO SANDING!!! Awesome! As a busy mom of three any downtime I have has to be super focused and easy to get stuff done or it's just not happening.

Milk paint not only helps everything stick but it makes it super easy to distress a piece of furniture. I never was a huge fan of shabby chic until I discovered doing it with bold fun colors and not just vintage roses and white paint. Distressing now has somewhat become an addiction as I am discovering the more I distress a piece of furniture the more I LOVE it.

Below is the the before and after.. My before shot is not the greatest as often I get going and forget to take a before picture.

Now come over and DIY with me!


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The Lytton Life said...

Love love love. Can I have it now:)!!?